For 30 years, KK’s passion for high quality, continuous innovation and drive to determine future trends has been at the heart of our business. We have a growing team of highly skilled development chefs that excel at what they do, providing our customers with innovation and inspiration on a daily basis.

We have won two awards this week that have highlighted our drive for innovation and we are very happy that our NPD team has been recognised for its achievements! Firstly, KK Fine Foods was presented with the 2017 Innovation Award at the annual Pizza Hut supplier conference!

In addition to this, the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Vegan Food Awards 2017 recognised both JDW & Loungers for their fantastic Vegan options. As the number of British vegans has increased by 360 per cent in the last 10 years, the market for meals, snacks, and beverages free of meat, eggs, and dairy products is stronger than ever – and PETA is recognising some of the most exciting new plant-based offerings with its fifth annual Vegan Food Awards.

KK has worked closely with JDW to create their latest vegan friendly dish ‘Teriyaki Noodles’ which won ‘Best Vegan Noodles’! PETA praised the meal which comprises non-egg noodles and fresh vegetables in a teriyaki sauce with ginger, garlic, soy sauce and a hint of chilli. We’ve ensured the meal is below 500 calories and less than five per cent fat so it’s perfect for those wanting a healthy meal too!

Its Director of Vegan Corporate Projects, Dawn Carr, said: “PETA’s 5th annual Vegan Food Awards honour some of this year’s most progressive new vegan options, including Wetherspoon’s fresh and flavourful Teriyaki Noodles. Wherever you live or travel in the UK, you’re never far from a delicious hot vegan meal, thanks to Wetherspoon’s vegan options.”

Wetherspoon’s food development manager, Oliver Addis, said: “ We are delighted with the award. We are keen to offer our customers as wide a range of meals as possible and this includes a selection of vegan meals.”

Loungers also won ‘Best Vegan Menu’, which includes our tasty Sweet Potato Falafel Burger!